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VAT Return

welcome-imageLet us help you with VAT registration, maintaining your VAT records on a daily, monthly or quarterly basis.  We are familiar with all the various VAT schemes, fixed rate scheme and chemist schemes and more. We are more than happy to review your Vat workings before you file your return and to review your present Vat scheme to ensure you are taking the maximum benefit from the various schemes applicable to your busines.

VAT legislation has  ever changing regulations and the demands of HM Revenue & Customs means that VAT compliance can be a time consuming and  difficult process.

If you miscalculate you may pay more or even be liable to penalties. There are many different VAT schemes too and it may be worth changing to the flat rate scheme for example but you need expert advice to determine if you will be better off.

Our Accountants and VAT specialists will  help to ensure that you comply with the regulations and that you never have anything to worry about because you can relax knowing that it has been done by experts in this field.

Remember that asking us to help with VAT can be  a wise decision because the introduction of penalties for late registration means that  late returns and misdeclarations can be expensive to make a mistake with VAT. 

It is easy for a novice to VAT to find HMRC penalties for charging the wrong rate of VAT because some areas are not easily understood for example with Land, printed matter, services to overseas clients, and certain  food products.

Property & construction can also be  complex and it can be vital to make timing at the right time. The rules on VAT and construction are complex and it can be very important to seek expert advice.

You need to take VAT seriously because  there can be serious penalties for getting it wrong, moreover there may be possibilities to reduce your VAT.