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Tax Return Services?

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welcome-imageCompany Accounts and Taxation

Preparing Company Accounts and working out the corporation tax due is the usual service provided by all accountancy firms. In addition to the usual practice, K & H Accountants review and advise on potential tax savings opportunities as a matter if course to save you money. The way we see it is "Why pay unnecessary tax?" If we save you more money than the accountancy fees, you are getting your accountancy service for free and more.


Self-employed and Partnerships

We offer the complete package, preparing your Accounts, Partnership Return and Self Assessment Tax Returns for a fixed fee. We will review the tax efficiency of your business, and advise on ways to save you tax as a matter of course.


Bookkeeping can be laborious and tedious. We can help with writing up and inputting on an annual , quarterly, weekly, or daily basis. Sage QuickBooks and Tasbooks are our most commonly used computer accounting packages. We are familiar with most packages.


Let us help you with VAT registration, maintaining your VAT records on a daily, monthly, or quarterly basis. We are familiar with all the various VAT schemes, fixed rate scheme, chemist schemes, and more. We are more than happy to review your VAT calculations before you file your return, and to review your present VAT scheme to ensure you are taking the maximum benefit from the various schemes applicable to your business.


We currently run 100+ payroll for clients on a quarterly, or monthly basis. A dedicated team on payroll ensures you get your monthly pay slips without delay. The one thing that cannot be late are employees wages. Our payroll services includes all related Year End Returns as a whole package.