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About Us

welcome-image We offer a refreshingly personal approach to Accounting

We take the time to get to know you as well as your business so that we can help you make some of the most important decisions you'll ever make.

We combine our local knowledge in Hertfordshire and London with our expertise in accounting to be able to help your business grow and make and save you more money.

Are you hungry for success? As one of London and Hertfordshire's leading Accounting Companies we can help you achieve your goals from start up through to selling, or retiring.

A FIXED FEE. The fee we quote is what you will pay, you will not be charged for incidentals. We want you to speak to us whenever you need without worrying about cost. We will deal with all the routine items that inevitably crop up during the year without extra charges.

GUARANTEED TIMELY. We will never be late. We guarantee that within 30 days of you providing us with your books, we will provide you with your final accounts for signature. This is on the basis that you provide us with complete information, and answer any queries we have quickly.

ADDED VALUE SERVICE. We help you to make more money and keep more of what you earn. Although we are Accountants, we have discovered people want more than just their accounts and tax done. We will help you to become more successful and minimise your tax liability.

WHAT YOU WANT. We tailor our service to your individual needs - it's as simple as that. We believe in meeting with you to find out your requirements, and only then can we tell you what we can do for you.

K & H Accountants are very approachable, and you will find it very easy to talk to us whenever you wish. We will explain everything in a way that you will find easy to understand, and we won't charge you extra fees to talk to us whenever you like.

We want to find out about your business so that we can offer the best help and advice you need. It is likely that any business issues you have we will have seen before, and so we can offer good advice which will be of genuine help to you.

How much do your Accountants really know about you, and your business?

At K & H Accountants, we treat every client as an individual. We deal with your needs and we can help you as much or as little as you need, and we will bring a fresh perspective to your business. We are not a huge practice and so we can offer a much more personal service than very large firms. At the same time, we are large enough to have specialist staff who can ensure everything is taken care of properly and on time. Our offices are based in London or Hertfordshire so its always easy to see us, or phone us at any time.

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